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 M92 NGC6341(2000x1600)  Milky Way Z85mm f/1.8S with Nikon Z7
Cygnus Z85mm f/1.8S with Nikon Z7  Milky Way Z85mm f/1.8S with Nikon Z7  Milky Way Z85mm f/1.8S with Nikon Z7
M13 NGC6205(2000x1600) Milky Way Z20mm f/1.8S with Nikon Z7   Milky Way Z50mm f/1.8S with Nikon Z7
Scutum Z50mm f/1.8S with Nikon Z7   Scorpius Z50mm f/1.8S with Nikon Z7  Cygnus Z50mm f/1.8S with Nikon Z7 
Sagittarius Z50mm f/1.8S with Nikon Z7  Region of Horsehead Nebula   Orion & Monoceros Z 50mm f/1.8S with Nikon Z7
M45 & Molecular Cloud Z 50mm f/1.8S with Nikon Z7   Winter Triangle NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.8S with Nikon Z7  M45&NGC1499 NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.8S with Nikon Z7
M45  Andromeda NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.8S with Nikon Z7  Milky Way NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.8S with Nikon Z7
Virgo cluster M90(NGC4529)  Arp271(NGC5426 &NGC5427) 
Winter Triangle NIKKOR 28mm f/1.4E ED  Moon11.6 Nikon D850   Orion area NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR
NGC2237 SAO FSQ-130ED f/5.0  Winter Milky Way 15mm f/1.4 f/4.5  Orion area NIKKOR 105mm F/1.4E ED
Moon10 Fuji X-T2   Milky Way 15mm f/1.4 f/4.5 Milky Way 8mm f/4.0 
Near Sadar Nebulae in Cygnus   Johnson Comet (C/2015 V2) 05/19/2017  NGC4244
Milky Way   NGC5248  NGC5005
M102_NGC5866   M13  M82
IC443  M106  M63 
M78 & Molecular cloud Complex  NGC2264 
M45 B33 IC359
 M31LRGB  NGC1499 HaHaGB  Nebula near Deneb & Sadr 
 Nebula near Sadr  Veil Nebula  NGC7000
M5(1800x1200) Nebula near Sadr  M13 NGC6205(2400x1200)
Jupiter2016-0422  Jupiter2016-0419   Jupiter2016-0415
M78&Region of Horsehead Nebula  IC1396  Region of Horsehead Nebula
 M31 10/17-18/2015 FSQ-130ED  M27 05/25/2015 Mewlon-300CRS  Nebulae in Cygnus Part2 2015 0911 
Milky Way   Nebulae in Cygnus   NGC6888 
M104  NGC5584   Nebula near Sadir
M5 NGC7000  NGC4565
NGC4449  NGC2841  Trapezium in Orion 
NGC2403 Hubble's Variable Nebula   M51
 M78  Region of Horsehead Nebula  IC1805 in Cassiopea
 Total eclipse of the moon Total eclipse of the moon2 Total eclipse of the moon1 
M57 NGC6720 SAO  Milky Way 07/27/2014 Milky Way 07/27/2014
 NGC5907 NGC5921   Veil Nebula 
 NGC4038-4039 M63 NGC5055   Mars 05/13/2014 
 M13 NGC6205  Mars 04/15/2014 M101 NGC5457 
 Mars 04/09/2014  M81 NGC3031  M97 NGC3587
M1 NGC1952   NGC891  NGC1055
M77  NGC7331  M16
NGC6888  M57    M82 Near Antares 
M1   M74 NGC253
 Moon19-10/07/2012  Moon11-09/27/2012  Moon11
Veil Nebula   Nebula near Sadir M27 05/27/2012 Mewlon-300CRS
 M13 05/26/2012 Mewlon-300CRS  M3 05/12/2012 Mewlon-300CRS  Mars 05/04/2012
 Venus 04/26/2012  Mars 04/26/2012 Saturn 04/22/2012
Mars 04/22/2012 Saturn in Opposition 04/17/2012 Mars 04/12/2012
Mars 04/07/2012 Saturn 04/02/2012 Mars 03/20/2012
Mars 03/14/2012 Region of Rose Nebula SII Ha OIII Mocchomu Mountain
NGC2264 Region of Horsehead Nebula Jupiter 11/29/2011C11
Region of Rose Nebula Region of Horsehead Nebula Jupiter 11/07/2011TOA-150
Jupiter 11/03/2011 Jupiter 10/19/2011 Jupiter 08/28/2011
Jupiter 09/03-04/2010 Jupiter 09/02-03/2010 Jupiter 08/22/2010 Jupiter
11/23/2009 Moon6.3 10/29/2009 Colorful Moon10.9
M92 03/01/2009 Lulin comet
NGC6888 M31 Lagoon Nebula
M5 M101 MOON 10 M81&M82
The region of Alnitak Mercury transited in front of the Sun
North American Nebula(Ha) NGC6888 M81
IC1396 North American Nebula Nebula near Sadr M13
Veil Nebula Antares Nebula region NGC6960 NGC6992 M4
M51 M3 M82 M81
M81M82 M78 NGC2359 NGC2264
IC443 M42 M33 NGC1514
M45 M1 M76 NGC2237-9
B33 NGC253 M8 NGC7293
IC5146 M27 NGC6992 Milky Way
NGC6960 NGC6992 IC1396 NGC6888 NGC7023
IC1318 M20 NGC6559 NGC3718
NGC6960 NGC7000 IC5067 IC5070 M17 M16
M8 M88 NGC4038-9 NGC4565
M101 M51 M104 M64
M100 NGC4631 M65M66NGC3628 MOON6.1